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During the second Camino, a lot of my thoughts finished on paper. However, some of them did not see the light. Maybe they were not ready for the blog. Maybe my mind was just absorbed by something else. Maybe I was not surely convinced of their insertion. In any case, there was not a day good enough to publish them. 


I left them on my laptop for some months, remembering the process of many artists cutting recorded songs before the release of an album because “only the best”, or - even better - “only what you consider right” got to appear on the official version. 


Then I thought that some of my favorite Springsteen tracks are outtakes of Darkness on the Edge of the Town and the River. 


That I understood differently Cult’s album Electric after the release of their previously hidden record, Peace. 


And my heart stopped for a moment when I listened for the first time the U2 version of Unchained Melody, published as a b-side.


So, this is all for you. The hidden tracks of my second Camino. I hope you will appreciate them as much as I do. Because they are a piece of my heart.

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