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My first thank-you goes to my then girlfriend, Yishu, who helped me editing the blog posts and managing this site while I was on the road. She did all of this while pursuing a J.D. at Harvard Law, teaching Economics, practicing yoga, dancing salsa, and - the hardest one of all: taking care of me.

I am also deeply thankful to my family, for their unconditional encouragement; and to my friends, for their continuous support.

To every master and mentor I have met in my life, who made me believe that I should listen to my subconscious and practice what I dream about. This one is for them, too.

To Keila Adriana. I don't know if I would have completed properly the website without you. At the end of the day, publishing B-sides and A Tale through Images has been in my todo for six years...


Ah, and there’s destiny.

You may call it God, Universe, or Providence, but I wouldn’t be here without it (or him, as I prefer). I know I should give thanks once I finish the path, but I believe that even having the possibility to start is a blessing on its own. For this reason, my main acknowledgement is for him.


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