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The importance of spoiling yourself – aka the carrot

Many posts of this blog have been related to the meaning of sacrifice. This one will be on the positive ways to treat yourself, or – as I prefer to say – the carrot…

Since I was really young, I have been a firm believer that if you are asking yourself so much in terms of physical effort, you have to spoil yourself somehow, someway. According to my own experience (or to the Taoist combination between yin and yang), only the balance will lead to a better version of yourself (ok, this is not pure Christianism, but I am open to deepen the discussion on the matter with you).

The philosophy of stick and carrot – ask yourself a lot, spoil yourself a lot – is a theory that I apply to everything: to relationships, to the negotiations with myself, to the ways I motivate the people around me. One day, I hope to grow my children according to the same principles.

And to be truly honest it’s beautiful to eat what I want wherever I want (last time after 800 kms of path I even gained a couple of pounds...), to go for a quick massage where is available and I have time (quite rare...), to pay for Internet connection without considering how much I am spending (well, at least for this one I can say that it’s necessary because of work issues…).

But more than everything, it is beautiful to live step by step this beauty, to immerge myself in nature, to interact with people all over the world and enjoy their wonderful stories.

And I am sure it would not be the same without all the suffering and the renounces it requires.



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