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The first time I reached the Cruz de Hierro something weird happened to me. I was surrounded by white butterflies for a good half an hour. Not a lot, just one, two or three, which did a part of the path with me.

As with everything weird in my life, I made a lot of speculations regarding the episode. The following ones were the main hypothesis:

A) It is just a coincidence, and in any case it is something which could happen to anyone. Plausible, especially considering that it did not happen on the second time;

B) I developed for a single moment the possibility of speaking with animals, like saints and Zen masters. Quite fascinating, but improbable, especially considering my current mindfulness state...;

C) It was a message from destiny. I would have had a very intense and beautiful light, but I would have died young. Butterflies are extremely fascinating, but they can only live one day. Very sad, by the way;

D) I was light, and the butterflies were there to remind me a moment of pure lightness. I left my stone at the Cruz, I had no regrets, complaints, or recrimination against life. I had forgiven everyone for every action. I was pure air.

None of these thoughts, however, got me shiwers on my spine. I had to wait several months later, when another thought went on my head...

Butterflies are a different kind of species. They are the only insect who could be two creatures at the same time, because of their transformation from the initial state of caterpillars. They don’t change the color, like chamaleons, they transform themselves.

Maybe, the Camino represents this. The transformation of ourselves. It is such a deep progression that it is not a matter of progressing anymore. It is a matter of evolution. You won’t come out of it as a supercaterpillar. You’ll come out of here as a butterfly.

Maybe, there is only one way to deal with forgiveness and lightning. And it is transforming yourself.

Maybe, the gates of Heaven will be only open to butterflies.



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