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Born To Run

One of the things I like the most about the Camino is having a lot of time to listen to the music. I do it only with one earphone, in order to understand what’s happening behind me. And only in the afternoon, because the morning is devoted to the interaction with other pilgrims. It’s the reward for a tough walking morning, and the drug to maintain my physical and mental balance under the outrageous Spanish temperatures.

Sometimes I listen, sometimes I sing, sometimes I whisper, sometimes I shout. And it’s a hell of a fun to yell against the world when there is no one in front or behind me. Whether it is my voice or my stack of amplifiers, it has been my personal therapy since I was born.

So here we are. I have rock n’roll, I have heavy metal, I have pop (well, just a little bit..). And then I have The Boss. Today it was Darkness on the Edge of Town, one of my favorite ones. Hundreds of times on my iPhone and it still sounds fresh to my ears..

It would take me another blog to speak about him. To speak about 15 concerts, sleepless nights for tickets, meetings at the railway station, and an impact on my life stronger than any other real or imaginated figure.

When you grow up, you need idols to shape your future, and I chose a hard working man willing to take the best out of every lyric. A perfectionist who gave all nights every inch of himself to make his performance a dream for the audience.

But the core ain’t his life. At least for me. It is his songs, and his capacity to let the audience identify with his lyrics.

So here we are...

I have been the lover of Thunder Road,

The raging rebel of Badlands,

The dreamer of Promised Land,

The betrayed and still-loving friend of Bobby Jean.

And yes, I have been a tramp. ‘Cos tramps like us were born to run...


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