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Epilogue (3/3): Thank-you Note

The Camino is a long path to get closer to a humble and grateful state of mind, So I thought the best way to conclude my online journey would be to express my gratitude to all who have made this Camino possible for me. I hope they will understand that I value them more than a few words can express.

My first and deepest thank-you is for my girlfriend, Yishu, who has encouraged me, prayed for me and – even more importantly for this blog – edited and published my posts every single day. I sent her my notes every night together with a good night message. I gave her carte blanche for making corrections and uploading all my posts. In the early morning, if I had the wi-fi, I looked at the published post and sent her a message to thank her for her work. Every now and then, I sent her notes of clarification, and she would re-edit a couple of paragraphs, or insert a few phrases here and there. Sometimes I wish I were more patient in my messages, but we make a great team.

Another big thank-you is the one for my family. I am most grateful for their continuos support. I would also like to apologize for forgetting my sister’s birthday while I was on the road, and for missing my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary.

To all my fellow pilgrims, the hospitaleros, the bartenders, the shoppers, the pharmacists, the priests and the waiters: you have been an incredible source of inspiration to me, and I thank you for everything you have shared with me. I hope to have somehow brightened your day as much as you have so generously enriched mine.

To every reader of this blog, for sparing a thought for me out of your busy schedule, and for your invaluable feedback. I wish that in some ways, I have provided an alternative way of seeing the world; or at the very minimum, I wish that you have enjoyed the time you spent reading this blog.

And then, last but not least, there is the destiny. I said in one of my previous post. If you don’t reach a goal, it is your fault, and if you reach it, it’s not just due to your own merit. Well, after I arrived at Santiago cathedral, this was my thought:

Maybe the merit ain’t entirely mine..

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